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2. Making Home Décor

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You like making garments is okay. But your real passion is making home décor items, like pillow covers, curtains, tablecloths, etc. If this describes you, you can build a sewing business around other people for home décor items.

5 Ways to Make Money from Sewing

When you go shopping for things like pillow covers, curtains, table cloths, and etc. it is hard to find exactly what you want in a retail store. Some people wanted to find these clothes according to their room colors, floors and tiles, but they unable to find it. They need a person having skills to make their own specific style, color, and patterns. If you can, they may pay for those items.

This Home Décor business is so creative when you visit some of your neighbor’s house check their home and decoration things. If you feel there something to be changed (for example: if floor and curtains colors are not matching) ask them, do you want to change your curtains? Normally you will get the answer yes. Then your work will start. When you specialize in this section you can take complete home and décor projects.

3. Offer repair and alteration service

Repair or alteration is less expensive instead of buying new clothes. If your piece of clothing gets damaged, will you throw away or repair it?


Most of the people love a few clothes, they actually don’t like to throw away with the reason for small damage. They ready to pay a small amount of money. You can also make money with these repair and alteration service skills.

So many people don’t wear those things because broken zips, missing buttons, and small cloth damages. They search for the person to repair their clothes. Utilize this opportunity to make money by repair and alteration service.

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