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5 Ways to Make Money from Sewing

If you love to sew, this story is about you only. Making money at home with your sewing skills is good to use. And you don’t have to be an expert sewer with years of experience to do it. If you improve your skills, your profit will increase along with them. You can select hand-sewn items like clothing, handbags, and hand-sewn, stitching and sewing.

Find out the perfect work which suits you, and expertise in that. When your item comes out, you can sell these hand-sewn items to your relatives, friends, and neighbors. Then you will get some confidence and your skills also improve.

Then, if you get a good amount of money make a small team to get more productivity. Sell your items to big shopping malls. If you are comfortable teaching, you can start training along with your team. You will get money along with teaching skills also.


1. Sew for others

Do you love to make clothes for others? Can you make perfect clothes depends on body sizes and lengths? If yes, then you can make money garments for others.

Some people, love to wear the latest designer fashion garments but they don’t afford the latest designer prices. If you can manage to make those garments at a reasonable price, they will know your door.

You can also make money-making attire for special occasions. For the sewers, the festival season is the best time to earn more money, if you will get more work you can make a lot of profit. And don’t forget marriages, there are sewers that live full time for the bride, their mothers, bridesmaids or anyone who needs an outfit for the occasion.

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4. Become a sewing tutor

Many people would like to learn sewing but they don’t find the right person to learn. And also, their timings will not support to go to classes. Of course, so many online classes and YouTube channels are available, but they need a person to clarify their doubts instantly. They would like to pay a small fee or hourly basis fee. If you feel you have enough skills to teach sewing, you start doing this.

Become a sewing tutor

If a student has his own sewing machine and you offer to visits his home to tell a lesson it will work, or students can visit home to learn sewing. If you are good at teaching, you can start with few members in a small classroom. To make this convenient you have to arrange all sewing materials to the students and include this material cost along with the fee. You can co online classes also for abroad customers.

5. Sell Your Sewing items

Whether you are a sewer or reseller, selling sewing items is one of the best options. Find a wholesale or retailer who looking for a reasonable sewing item to buy. Make a catalog with your profile, show them and fix the price to sell your items. Once you fix bond with them you will get continues offers.

Sell Your Sewing items

But keep one thing in mind, you have to change your designs depends on the market trending items, if you are sewing old models items people don’t link it and sales get down. When exhibitions are happening, you can sell your items by book a shop.

You can sell your items both offline and online also like Amazon and Flipkart. In online you, there are some facilities like shipping, billing, and warehouses. You no need to worry about these things they will take care of it, but they charge some fee.


The great thing about your sewing business that starts small and simple. Then learn more about already established sewing businesses. Expand as per the demand and do some marketing and sales.