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24 aari tracing designs ebook pdf

Aari and Maggam Tracing Designs: Exploring the Art of Exquisite Embroidery

Hello friends, so many of my youtube viewers are requesting aari tracing designs book. I have 2 volumes containing each 12 tracing designs Vol-1 and Vol-2 total of 24 designs PDF only. The cost is 50/- rupees. You can download it in A3 size paper which one you want. Send google pay or phonepe number 9052603656 send a screenshot, and we will send it in WhatsApp. If you are new to my website visit my youtube channel.

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12 tracing designs Vol -2


Dive into the enchanting world of Aari and Maggam tracing designs, two mesmerizing forms of traditional Indian embroidery. Aari tracing utilizes a hooked needle to create intricate patterns on garments, while Maggam tracing embellishes with zari threads, stones, and sequins, often seen on bridal wear and festive outfits. This comprehensive guide unveils the origins, techniques, and cultural significance of these art forms, exploring popular motifs and their contemporary adaptations. Delve into master artisans’ stories and find DIY tutorials for a captivating journey into the rich heritage and future trends of Aari and Maggam tracing designs.


  1. Origins and Evolution: Explore the captivating histories of Aari and Maggam tracing designs, tracing their origins in diverse regions of India. Witness how these embroidery styles have evolved over the ages, preserving their authentic charm while embracing modern influences.
  2. Aari Tracing Techniques: Gain insight into the meticulous process of Aari tracing, where skilled artisans adeptly wield a hooked needle to craft intricate thread work. From fabric preparation to thread selection, this section provides a comprehensive breakdown of the techniques involved.
  3. Maggam Tracing Techniques: Uncover the artistry behind Maggam tracing designs, renowned for opulent embellishments. Discover the use of zari threads, stones, and sequins to create stunning patterns on bridal wear, lehengas, and other festive attire.
  4. Popular Motifs and Patterns: Unravel the symbolism behind commonly used motifs in Aari and Maggam tracing designs. From delicate floral patterns to traditional symbols, explore the regional and occasion-based variations of these mesmerizing motifs.
  1. Traditional vs. Contemporary Adaptations: Examine the timeless allure of traditional Aari and Maggam tracing designs alongside their modern interpretations. Witness how contemporary designers blend heritage with innovation, infusing these art forms into fusion wear and haute couture.
  2. Application in Fashion: Immerse yourself in the versatility of Aari and Maggam tracing designs, adorning various fashion ensembles. From bridal sarees to festive lehengas and indo-western outfits, witness the enduring charm of these embroideries in contemporary fashion.
  3. Master Artisans and Their Stories: Celebrate the talents of master artisans who preserve and perfect Aari and Maggam tracing designs. Delve into their journey, expertise, and the cultural significance they bring to their craft.
  4. Global Impact and Trends: Explore the global influence of Aari and Maggam tracing designs in the fashion industry. Discover how these embroidery styles have captured the hearts of designers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide, setting trends on international runways.
  5. DIY Tutorials and Learning Resources: For aspiring designers and hobbyists, this section offers practical DIY tutorials and learning resources to embark on their embroidery journey. Discover online courses, books, and videos to refine skills and create unique designs.
  6. Cultural Significance: Uncover the profound cultural significance of Aari and Maggam tracing designs in various celebrations and ceremonies. Learn how these embroideries hold deep meaning and continue to be cherished in Indian culture.

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